Dalkey Players

In early 2022, the Irish amateur theatre group Dalkey Players asked me to redesign their visual identity and website. The new identity is inspired by Dalkey Castle—the primary venue for Dalkey Players' productions since the group's founding in 1976—and is intended to visually evoke Dalkey Players' history in a modern, minimalist way. The new website's design and development is ongoing, so watch this space!

Y.E.S. 2021

In 2021, I volunteered as a graphic designer for Aunua, an Irish nonprofit that is dedicated to improving the education and emotional wellbeing of young people globally. In September, Aunua hosted a virtual “Youth Education Summit” with over 100 inspirational speakers of all ages and nationalities. As part of Aunua’s design team, I created static/motion graphics that promoted the summit on social media.


In 2020, I created a series of motion graphics as part of a college project that aimed to raise public awareness of corporate “pinkwashing” or “rainbow-washing”, i.e., the promotion of LGBTQ+ rights by a corporation for financial profit. Pinkwashing allows corporations to improve their public image and divert attention away from anything that might tarnish it, such as (ironically) their anti-LGBTQ+ policies.
Grace Hickey | Graphic Designer
E: grace.s.hickey@gmail.com
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